Different Online Forest Games

Are you in search of an immersive wilderness experience or want to play with friends, there are plenty of excellent options for online survival gaming. Here is our pick of the best titles – available now on PC and soon coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Dying Light 2

Dead Island 2 is an open-world survival game set in a similar wilderness environment. Players scavenge for food, build bases and take on undead monsters in this immersive experience that appeals to fans of the genre. Plus, there’s also an intriguing story to tell as part of it!


This sandbox-style title stands out among other survival games with its dark Mad Max-inspired setting that divides humanity into small nations based on different ideologies. As you explore the world, you’ll uncover faction politics and an intriguing world history that helps set the mood.

Sons of the Forest

The original Sons of the Forest was an instant hit, but its sequel hasn’t quite reached that level of success. Still, it’s fun to slay and kill in co-op with friends – which makes Sons of the Forest’s upcoming early access release even more satisfying due to its cooperative gameplay mechanics.

Project Zomboid

Another survival horror game, Project Zomboid takes players into a quarantined Louisville, Kentucky where they must defend themselves from an onslaught of zombies. To stay alive and manage hunger, fatigue, sanity and other stats effectively, you’ll need to manage these factors effectively.


When it comes to survival games, few can match Minecraft when it comes to its freedom of movement. You can explore abandoned mineshafts, caves and canyons in search of supplies while slaying monsters along the way while building your dream base!


Subnautica, an ocean-based survival game, features four distinct biomes. For those seeking a challenge, each biome offers its own ecosystem and limited resources – so make sure your oxygen tank doesn’t run out while exploring!

This game is ideal for multiplayer play, offering more flexible base-building systems than The Forest. You can construct your own home or share a small shelter and use traps and defences to keep your camp secure.

The Wild Eight

Fans of The Forest will love The Wild Eight! This thrilling and challenging alternative offers a thrilling challenge as you collaborate with friends to ward off an army of terrifying creatures in an hostile woodland wilderness. With its icy procedurally generated terrain, stunning art style, and strong cooperative multiplayer component, this title should not be missed for those passionate about this genre.

This game has some performance issues, yet it remains one of the top choices in its genre. Aside from typical stuttering and screen-tearing, you may experience frame dips or dropouts occasionally; however, these issues don’t significantly disrupt your experience since they rarely affect it negatively.

Jesse Alexander

Jesse Alexander