“Tick Tock Tick Tock” Doesn’t time fly by!

Time goes fast when you are having fun and this year has just flown by so far.

There are times when I pinch myself that the things that happen every day are really happening to me!

2014 has been an immense year for me so far and I am living in a world where anything is possible. I have been taking time this month to look at my progress and it has been very interesting. I looked back 10 years and the different areas in my life and assessed my progress.

10 years ago now I was a month away from a total breakdown, my life had reached a point where I no longer wanted to be living it and I was having regular thoughts of ending it all. I was heart broken, defeated, exhausted and negative. My life had no meaning and I not only couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, there was no tunnel! It was at the time the most challenging period of my life and I was only 29! Nothing was in balance and I was defiantly not a priority in my own life. I existed, I did not live and in the darkest moment I asked myself “Is this really the life I am here to live? Is this really what my purpose is on this planet?” I knew that I had so much more, yet didn’t know what.

Now one thing I did have is something I have had since I was a little girl and that was and is “Determination.” I was determined that I would have people in my life who were proud of me, I was determined that, at my funeral, the obituary would say “Clare was one of those special people, who truly understood the meaning of life. Not only did she understand it she lived it and made her life amazing!” I knew that the only person who could create this was me. That was the beginning, the next few years were better and the true Clare who had been drawing in her own self pity started to emerge. When I look at me today, I have an enormous sense of pride in my achievements, I get a huge kick out of my life and know that I am here to “Love the life I live” The world I live in now asks much better questions, I learn how to do that, how to ask a better question that would help me to see the answer I needed not the one that was the easy option. I know that pain and failure were and still are part of my journey.

Here’s the thing, what does not kill us makes us stronger.

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