Preparing Your Home for a Kids Party

Party planning can be a time-consuming task. From selecting an ideal venue and creating a guest list to making food and favors, there is so much to think about – not to mention when and how your kids want to celebrate! Here are some tips that may make the process smoother for both of you:

Enlist Family Members

Once you have your date, theme and location chosen, now is the time to enlist family members for help in prepping your home for the party. Doing this will significantly reduce pre-party stress levels and leave more time for enjoying the occasion itself.

Start by asking a high school student or your child’s babysitter to clean and supervise activities before the party begins. They can assist with replenishing food and tidying up, saving you from having to do these tasks during the gathering itself.

Pace Your Party

Once the festivities start, it is essential to keep things moving and avoid boredom among guests. A great way to do this is by creating a schedule with 10- to 15-minute blocks for various games and activities. Doing this ensures kids stay engaged and don’t become disinterested during these times.

Keep track of the schedule with an index card. That way, you can refer back to it as the party progresses.

Send Out Invitations

When compiling your invite list, it’s wise to ask each guest if they can attend. Doing this helps you reduce the number of attendees.

Be sure to include your child’s name, age and the party date/time on the invitations. Furthermore, if there are any special needs or allergies involved, make sure these details are included as well.

Make sure you have enough supplies for all of your guests and prepare any food or desserts in advance. Doing this will save you from having to run to the store at too late, or worse still – having to cancel the party!

Once you’ve selected a date and venue for the party, it’s time to start shopping. Do this at least one week prior to the event so that all items can be secured in time.

Before any special occasion, it’s wise to stock up on essential items – especially items your child might enjoy. Doing this will save you from having to run back to the store if something is missing from your order.

If you want to DIY some decorations for your party, now is an ideal time to do so. Not only will this be a fun project with your child, but it’s an easy and economical way to personalize the celebration.

Jesse Alexander

Jesse Alexander