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Things to Know about Eco Friendly Products

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

When you have decided to take the dive and start to buy eco friendly items instead of the non-eco friendly items, you will be in for a few surprises. For one, these eco friendly products are not as effective as non-eco friendly items at times. Two, you are likely to find that many items displayed as eco-friendly are, in fact, not. Third, you will find that you are able to use some common household products in order to get an efficient eco friendly product.

Believe it or not, the controversial hemp is a great way to buy eco-friendly items of all sorts. From clothing to toilet paper, hemp provides an all-natural, organic source of material which provides many different eco friendly products. With hemp having the ability to be grown with much less pesticide than regular cotton, as well as be processed into various items with much less energy, the eco-friendliness of hemp is highly ignored.

The items that can be made from hemp are so broad that when you buy eco friendly products made of hemp, you could be buying just about anything. There is jewelry, paper, clothing, belts, etc. all made from a low price fiber that is produced for low cost.

Bamboo also serves as a great material for eco friendly products. For use within the home, there really is no limit. From flooring to cabinetry, and beyond, there are many uses for Bamboo, helping you buy eco friendly products that were created with eco friendliness in mind. Some of the best and most crafted tile is actually made from this cheaper and more cost-efficient material that can make so many eco friendly products.

Bamboo helps you buy eco friendly by giving you many eco friendly products because it grows so quickly. Growing as quickly as it does, and without as much pesticide, means that it is processed in an eco friendly manner, with an all around “greenness” about it. You will find that bamboo is a great material that is quite stylish when used for various home products such as furniture and facets of the home.

When you are seeking to renovate your home and increase the prevalence of eco friendly products in your home, hemp and bamboo serve as excellent options. You can buy eco friendly because the label makes it to be eco friendly, or you could buy eco friendly because it is. With bamboo and hemp, you know you are buying a product that is truly “green” and won’t fool you like many products now do.