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Reasons to Choose a Wildlife Conservation Holiday

Friday, July 30th, 2010

Wildlife conservation holidays are the perfect way to combine a good old fashioned adventure with a chance to do something worthwhile. It seems that more and more young people are signing on to head out to exotic lands to lend a hand to some meaningful and exciting projects. s the information regarding the issues facing endangered species of animals becomes more mainstream, high profile celebrities and personalities are making wildlife conservation fashionable. Fur is out and fake is in; and if you aren’t a card-carrying member of PETA, darling you’re just so yesterday! Heading off to Africa on a wildlife conservation holiday will make for wonderful cocktail conversation, and just think of the handmade accessories you can pick up on your trip!

So you’ve just finished Uni, got your degree and are now planning your career as the next big thing. But aren’t you just a little burnt out and study shocked? Why not take a gap year to catch your breath before the next stage of your life? Taking a wildlife conservation holiday will not only give you a great excuse not to go into battle in the job-market, but you will also learn some valuable skills along the way. Who knows, you may decide on a whole new career path!

Well come on now, lets face it. Feeding an obsession with Facebook and Twitter for sixteen hours a day dissecting your social life, is way less interesting than spending a few weeks in an African game park dissecting the social life of a lion. Paint yourself a picture. Winter in the city, waking to the screech of an over cheery breakfast DJ, then fighting for elbow-room at the rain lashed bus stop waiting for the bus that didn’t come. Or waking to a glorious African sunrise with the enchanting sound of the bush echoing in your ears, then heading out in an open-topped vehicle to spend the day working on a wildlife conservation project.

If you’ve had a hard year or two and you can barely tell the difference between Thursday and Sunday; if your best friend ran off with the love of your life; if you look in the mirror and you don’t recognise the worn-out frazzled face that’s staring back; or if you just can’t tame that ‘monkey-mind’ and need to spend a few weeks reflecting on life, the universe and everything – a wildlife conservation holiday could help put everything back in perspective for you. Spending some quality time with the wonderful wildlife of Africa and contributing to a worthwhile project, could help you redefine your priorities and bring you back to Planet.