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Beyond Vegetarianism
Explores the varieties and psychology of idealistic diets which may lead to orthorexia nervosa, a syndrome of health and behavioral problems arising from rigid.
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Vegetarian restaurants guide and directory of natural
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Irish Vegetarian
A guide to vegetarianism in Ireland with restaurants, health food shops, recipes,
books and links.
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Jewish Vegetarians of North America
Judaism, vegetarianism, jewish, vegetarian, animals, diet, environment, health, animal rights, Postville, kosher, slaughter, cruelty.
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The Vegetarian Society
Recipes, nutrition basics, tips for beginning vegetarians, and links to local societies.
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Vegetarian Pages
The Vegetarian Pages (incorporating the World Guide to Vegetarianism) will be relaunched. We are hoping the site will regain its value to the vegetarian.
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Vegetarianism & Vegetarian Nutrition!
Provide you with relevant information regarding vegetarian nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.
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Vegetarianism in a Nutshell
Includes information on nutrition as well as useful links for those wanting to
become vegetarian.
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