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You are here: Home > Waste Management > Septic System
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Alpha General Services, Inc.
Manufactures fiberglass septic tanks, lift stations, pump chambers, low pressure systems and industrial control panels.
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AmeriSep Inc.
Offering an organic product to speed the conversion of sewage solids to liquid.
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Arcan Enterprises, Inc.
Provides Septic-Scrub for restoring and maintaining septic drainfields
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Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Manufacturer of residential wastewater treatment systems.
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Hydro-Action, Inc.
Manufactures self-contained, automatic aerobic wastewater treatment systems for onsite residential and commercial use.
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Infiltrator Systems Inc.
Manufacturer of plastic drainage chambers for on-site septic and stormwater management.
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Meade Septic Design, Inc.
Septic designs for mound, pump, and conventional systems.
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MicrobiaLogic, LLC
Offers bacterial bioaugmentation products for outdoor and composting toilets.
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Manufacturer of water and wastewater treatment products, systems, and chemicals.
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Orenco Systems, Inc.
Designs and manufactures effluent pumps and filters, alarms and controls for septic systems.
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